Crackdown Against Low-Quality Makeup Products

PSQCA (Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority) launched a crackdown on cosmetic brands which were failing to pass laboratory tests.

Various stores were visited by PSQCA officials during which a huge number of cosmetics were taken into custody. Moreover warnings were also issued to the owners of the shops. They were asked to dispose of illegal brands and banned from acquiring more.

The spokesperson of PSQCA Abdul Aleem Memon upon the orders of Fawad Chaudhary, Federal Minister for Science & Technology, instructed the Lahore team to start the crackdown.

Previously a crackdown on fairness creams was also ordered by Zartaj Gul, Minister for Climate Change.

Zartaj Gul, Minister for Climate Change

Zartaj Gul, Minister for Climate Change

“The creams you sell for ten rupees, you play with our skins through these creams.”

the minister said, adding that they are peeling our skin to whiten it.

“We will be legislating in this regard by December 31 and then we will crack down on you,”

Zartaj Gul sent out a clear and loud warning to the cosmetic companies.

56 out of 59 skin whitening creams being used in Pakistan are highly toxic due to high mercury levels. They had more mercury content than the permissible limit Of 1 ppm. This can lead to long-term, permanent damage to your skin as well as the nervous system.

Following brands have been declared unsafe for use:

Majority of these whitening creams have melanin inhibitors, steroids, and mercury. Mercury gives temporary results in the form of skin whitening, in the longer run, it can lead to discoloration, allergies, and scarring. The mercury can even lead to kidney damage.

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