FIR Registered Against The Unknown VIP Woman

Common people hold a lot of anger towards the ever growing VIP culture in Pakistan. The so called VIPs tend to assume that they are above the law.

While the VIP culture remains the same, even after the current governments promised to rid us of it, the advent of social media has led to the recording of videos about these transgressions of law and order. The latest in such offence is a women in Karachi DHA. She refused to accept that she broke and the traffic signal and moreover she started abusing the traffic warden.

People are demanding that an end be put to this VIP culture after viewing the video of this so called VIP woman from Karachi. She had behaved disgustingly with the warden who was just doing his job.

It can be seen in the video, a person in a big and fancy car refusing to take responsibility, claiming to phone some high official and get the officer in trouble and abusing the wardens. But the wardens don’t let her go and keep insisting that she gives them her license of ID card and she keeps tell them to shut up and referring to them as ‘bhudday’ and ‘badshakal’ and even ‘do takay kay aadmi’ among other things.

The rudeness of this women has annoyed many people.

It has now come to light that an FIR had been registered against the unknown VIP woman.

The traffic police has also issued a statement on the same matter.

The officers and other bystanders kept making sure they make a video of her and her vehicle and promptly shared it with others. The video became viral on social media with people trying to figure out who the woman is. A amateur internet sleuth looked up the details of the car’s ownership which allegedly belonged to a senior professor in Mehran University, Jamshoro.

In a country where laws are treated as disgusting joke only to be circumvented, anyone who finds enough power to jump through the loopholes will do so. It is the job of the authorities to ensure that no one, even the Prime Minister or the Chief of Army Staff, is able to circumvent the law.

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