Hamza Ali Abbasi’s First Wife Surfaces And Attacks Naimal Khawar

After this Sunday’s marrige ceremony between the stars Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar it was only a matter of time before some conspiracy surfaced.

Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar’s Wedding Ceremony

Soon after the the much adored couple’s valima a major twist took place. A lady be the name of Anila Hamza claimed to be Hamza Ali Abbasi’s first wife. She also claims that they kept their relationship under the wraps.

Hazma Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar Valima Reception

The girl named Anila Hamza took to her Twitter account and wrote that Naimal Khawar brainwashed Hamza Ali Abbasi and married him.

Following are a series of her tweets:

Naimal you and Hania played game well and you took away Hamza from me. No matter what happens l will be the first wife and love of his life as long as he shal live. We loved each other and you came our way Brain washed him against me. Now you are going to marry him tonight

I was first in his life and it’s my right to live in that house and you snatched it from me my husband. According to law. Man can’t take another wife not until he treats his first wife right and Hamza did not give my rights so he doesn’t have right to keep you with him.

She also asked Hamza Ali Abbasi to give her all the rights and wrote:

Hamza give me my rights!!!you take your responsibility as man! Give me protectipn, safety, love and care. Just like right of any other wife!

So far, neither Hamza Ali Abbasi or Naimal Khan have responded to the allegations.

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