Meesha Shafi Defends Rabi Pirzada Following Her Leaked Videos

A few days back Rabi Pirzada’s personal videos were leaked via a cell phone she sold out. This started a viral trend #RabiPirzada. The followers heavily criticized the videos and people spread them around.

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“The vile campaign against Rabi Pirzada is a stark reminder of how privacy is violated to blackmail women into submission. Morality is used to justify such abhorrent campaigns whereas people leaking such footage hide behind societal norms. They should be behind bars,” stated the international public policy and gender reforms specialist Salman Sufi.

However, the issue really took a deep dive into the past when popular singer Meesha Shafi came out in support of fellow vocalist, adding an old statement of hers to the claim.

Tweeting in the favour of Pirzada, however, Shafi reiterated how she had ‘accused her of a publicity stunt’ when she came out with her accusations against Ali Zafar. Regardless of which, the star added that she would always raise her voice when a victim is “shamed and humiliated”.

“The same women who were accused of speaking up as a publicity stunt by Rabi are defending her unconditionally today. Including myself,” her tweet claimed. “I highly condemn the leaking and sharing of these private videos and will always raise my voice when a victim is being shamed and humiliated,” she added.

On a different spectrum, however, Pirzada’s tweet from last year boasted how she had “never been disrespected by men” and that she had “no story to share for publicity.”

However, Shafi resorted to defending the victim, following which her lawyer and Human rights activist, Nighat Dad, also condemned the leaking of videos, claiming that according to the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, spreading “non-consensual intimate images and videos” to others is a crime.

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